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RM -RF */* Robotics

Forcibly removing the competition


We focus on providing specialty products required to build a perfectly operating robot. Our products are not everyday items,

but we bet we have something you need for your robot.


Even if you don’t know it yet.

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Why choose us?

Here at RM -RF Robotics, we have a combined 25 years of experience in FRC Robotics. Our company staff is comprised of mentors from multiple different teams who’ve had great degrees of success throughout the years. Our products are designed based on the experiences and needs recognized by engineers, mentors, and students from these teams and are all aimed at making those frustrations non-existent. Like we said above, our products are not necessarily everyday products for your robot, but they solve some of the most complicated and frustrating problems faced by FRC Teams across the world. Take a look. If you have a problem you need solved that you don’t see a solution to, contact us and ask us to solve it!

Our Experts

Our team is formed from a group of experts with various backgrounds. We’ve come together to give you the products you need at the highest quality.

Robert Hilton

Founder, CEO, and Engineer

Stacey Gray

Marketing and Social Media Expert

Michael Todd

Backend Developer

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